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Epic Life

The pursuit of an epic, delightful life - one that's filled with purpose, potential, and vibrancy - has been a timeless endeavor for humanity. We have always sought ways to enhance our health and longevity, to live not just longer, but better. Healthier. Healthspan above Lifespan. Being healthy is more than the absence of disease. Being healthy is also the essence of zest for life, the physical and mental strength to realize your life goals, to be there for others, to dare to become the most epic version of yourself. With the advent of modern technology - mind-blowing AI applications, brain reading technology, biology modification and life extension tricks, and especially a new way to deal with personal data, on a novel version of the internet - we are in a unique position to take control of our wellbeing and life goals like never before. A new way to find purpose and to leave legacy. Let’s be way more ambitious and not just settle for chronic health. Let’s aim to become epic. This book will teach you how.

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Your Guide To Delight

'Your Guide To Delight' is centered around the concept of delight thinking, which involves the ability to discover and implement something surprising and previously unknown. This book offers a diverse range of examples that illustrate delight thinking in the realms of healthcare and beyond. Its overarching goal is to guide us toward a future in which both consumers and companies no longer experience illness.

Never Sick Again

'Never Sick Again' is your guide to tomorrow's healthcare. It propels you into the future where the traditional concept of a faultless doctor is reimagined. This 4D vision of healthcare—Digital, Mobile, Engaging, Social, iOmic-based, quantified, Attractive, and Local—introduces the fascinating components of personalized medicine. The book serves as a showcase for a wide range of pioneering ideas from emerging startups and top-tier academic laboratories
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