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Koen Kas is a healthcare visionary driven by the aim to make healthcare delightful, personalised, and ultimately preventive. He published his vision in two books. ‘Sick no more’ describes how we will transition from reactive sickcare to pro-active healthcare. ‘Your guide to Delight’ (out since May 2018)  is a roadmap towards Creating health using the novel concept of Delight thinking, dealing with change, and the introduction of our personal Digital Twin.

Your Guide to Delight (on Creating Health, Dealing with Change, and your personal Digital Twin)

This book is about delightIt introduces the power of delight to create a novel future, not just predict it. It provides a framework and a fireworks of examples of delight thinking in healthcare and beyond.  It shows how this allows to create a new reality, a world where one gets sick no more.

Why the Digital Revolution was just for Starters, on Creating Health, Dealing with Change, and Digital Twins as your lifelong personal assistant, …


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Sick No More

What if…

Doctors would be paid as long as we stayed healthy ?
Our smartphone would go to med school ?
We check our body like we do for status updates on Facebook ?

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