Healthcare futurist
Koen Kas is more
than just a keynote

Koen is a multifaceted professional in the field of healthcare, serving as a guest professor, chairman of the scientific committee of the European Cancer Prevention Organisation, and an ambassador for Health House and VITO’s data platform. Koen advises five trailblazing companies, a startup incubator, and provides guidance to an investor in the healthcare sector.

Koen is not just a keynote speaker and author, but also a proud father of two sons and a daughter. When he’s not traveling the world for speaking engagements, you’ll most likely find him spending time with family and friends, or immersing himself in the world of modern art galleries and museums.Koen often indulges his passion for gastronomy, but his enjoyment of fine dining pales in comparison to his insatiable appetite for knowledge, especially in technology trends like generative AI tools.

Koen’s story

Prof. Dr. Koen Kas is a healthcare futurist and delight thinker, entrepreneur, professor of molecular oncology and digital health, and renowned international keynote speaker.

He published his vision in two books. ‘Sick no more’ describes how we will transition from reactive sickcare to proactive healthcare. ‘Your guide to Delight’ is a roadmap towards that future introducing our personal digital twin that will keep you, and your company, relevant and “young”. His new book will describe how personal data in a new kind of safe help you to become epic.

He is founding CEO of Healthskouts. Healthskouts deliver the inspiration, insights and connections needed to help eradicate disease and make healthcare delightful. Healthskouts curates the public database of certified digital health Apps & devices, digital therapeutics, and AI tools = Software as a medical Device (

Koen is a guest professor at Ghent University in Belgium. He is Chairman of the European Cancer Prevention Organisation; Co-chair of the Digital Twin Consortium healthcare workgroup; Advisor of the Digital Therapeutics Alliance; Ambassador of Health House and VITO’s We Are project on decentralized health data; Jury of the Prix Galien; and sits on the advisory board of 5 emerging (digital) healthcare companies and 2 investors/startup accelerators.

Koen was CSO Oncology at Thrombogenics (Oxurion), where he spun out Oncurious and developed a novel drug for pediatric brain cancer. Before this, he was founder and CSO of Pronota, building a protein biomarker discovery platform and pipeline of four diagnostic programs. Prior to that, he was the director of drug discovery at Galapagos. Previously he set up and directed the cancer drug discovery program at Tibotec (now Johnson & Johnson).

He started his career elucidating the molecular basis of two types of cancers. He studied at the universities of Leuven and Antwerp in Belgium, Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Utrecht University in The Netherlands and he was a Harvard fellow.

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