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“The digital healthcare revolution was only the beginning. The biological revolution, AI and digital twins will render the healthcare practices from the last decades as archaic as those from the Middle Ages.”

Dr. Koen Kas is a widely recognized healthcare futurist with a global influence.

He inspires worldwide with a bold vision of a healthcare future, where a biological revolution surpasses the digital one, AI and digital twins change the game and illness becomes obsolete.

Koen Kas delivers compelling keynotes, authors books, and engages in media discussions showcasing his profound insights into the future of transformative healthcare.


Koen is renowned for delivering transformative keynote speeches that showcase his profound expertise in the potential of healthcare to become a source of delight. His captivating presentations inspire audiences worldwide by presenting a vision of healthcare as a catalyst for a biological revolution, envisioning a future where illness is a thing of the past. When he takes the stage, Koen's message is not only inspiring but also brimming with energy and practical insights, empowering his audience to take action.


The book ‘Sick No More’ explores the shift from reactive sickcare to proactive healthcare. ‘Your Guide to Delight’ serves as a roadmap for creating health through the innovative concept of delight thinking, navigating change, and introducing the idea of our personal digital twin. His highly anticipated third book, scheduled for publication in 2024, will delve into concepts such as Digital Twins, Data and AI.


Koen consistently keeps his blog up-to-date with articles that showcase case studies, provide insights, offer inspiration, and highlight upcoming events. By subscribing, you'll receive a concise monthly email that spotlights emerging healthcare trends, including novel apps and tools, Digital Twins, AI, and Data delight.


Koen is more than just a keynote speaker; he's a multifaceted professional in the field of healthcare, serving as a guest professor, chairman of the scientific committee of the European Cancer Prevention Organisation, and an ambassador for Health House and VITO’s We ARe project on decentralized health data (using SOLID).
Koen advises five trailblazing companies, a startup incubator, and provides guidance to an investor in the healthcare sector.

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