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Koen’s current topics are ‘Innovation learnings from the Corona crisis’, ‘Creating healthcare delight’, ‘The digital future of care (tailormade for any therapeutic area)’, ‘How your company is bound to become a health company’,  ‘The emerging genomics revolution’ and ‘Innovation by Delight Thinking’. For an extensive list of topics, see here.

Koen’s keynotes have the most impact when they are between 45-80 minutes, but Koen can deliver a compact version upon request. He always tailors his presentation to your specific needs. The keynote can be delivered in English or in Dutch.  Koen also delivers ‘360° outsider perspective’ workshops. Independent of your domain, these deliver immediate actionable ideas and insights to prep you for a delightful future.

    My TEDx talk

    My future health vision (eCancer Belfast)

    ‘A day in Koen’s world? High on inspiration, strong on interaction : a true masterpiece of disruptive thinking brought by a visionary and engaging host. The content enlightens, the delivery challenges every individual in the room. As a result, creativity is unleashed for good in your team!‘

    Frédéric Hoffmann, General Manager Baxter Benelux & Fance