The theory of everything healthcare delight in 1 podcast

A warm shout-out to the SAS team for having me on their podcast, here.

Join us for a discussion on how delight thinking and healthtech will improve health care delivery. Why #digitaltwins will become the key to delivering more delightful experiences in health care.

Host Alex Maiersperger and myself talk about the concept of delight thinking, an approach that requires stakeholders to think outside the box – creating new health care delivery models, never imagined. Delight thinking has the patient at its core, rewarding health care systems for keeping patients healthy. I speak about the role of a digital twin for the future of health care. The twin is a full representation of the holistic health of a human, combining all health data from different sources into an avatar. Testing preventive or clinical measures on the avatar will enable a visualization of health outcomes, before implementing them on the human. Finally, I emphasize the key to prevention and personalized medicine is data integration and encourages health care systems to reward providers and citizens for preventing, predicting and reversing diseases.