Belgian’s most ambitious 3-day program to take you from inspiration to launching your own projects. I’m honoured to curate & host the health track ‘Sick no more’, What we want to avoid is being old becomes equated to being permanently “in care.” Actually, we would like to die young, as late as possible. In each topic we foresee a clinical trial challenge, which makes HACK BELGIUM an attractive place for pharma to co-create their  future raison d’etre. A teaser: 1) Invisible healthcare, a new perspective on happy ageing. How can we provide the best possible care but make it largely invisible to patients? What would it take to execute clinical trials, not in the artificial environment of a hospital but in the Real Wold setting of your living room? 2) The (virtual) hospital of the future. How can we make processes or interventions 10X if not 100X better/more efficient? 3) Your Digital Twin, a BOLD new paradigm for preventive care. Imagine having a digital guardian angel, a digital twin that automatically simulates changes or interventions in your lifestyle or environment before they are actually executed? Here I’ll propose a distant idea with #fashiontech queen Jasna Rokegem For tickets: http://www.hackbelgium.be/